2021 GHNATS Hybrid Musical Theatre Auditions

Online Preliminary Round Schedule

Friday, Oct 1 – Monday, Nov 8

  • Friday, October 1, 9 am – Registration Opens
  • Friday, October 29, 6 pm – Registration Closes All registration (complete information including repertoire and video links) must be completed and all fees paid
  • Monday, November 1, 9 am – Preliminary judging schedule released; Preliminary Judging starts
  • Sunday, November 7, 6 pm – Preliminary Round Scores Due
  • Monday, November 8, 9 am – Semifinalists and Finalists Announced

Live Finals Round Schedule

Saturday, November 13 from 9:00 am – 2:15 pm

Location: Lone Star College-Montgomery, 3200 College Park Drive, Conroe, TX 77384 Link to  interactive map.On the interactive map, select LSC – Montgomery, then select parking and performance and event venues. The final round will take place in the Recital Hall, located in building H. Parking is free of charge and there are lots in front of Building H.

  • 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Finals – live-streamed via GHNATS YouTube channel
  • 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm – Break
  • 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm – GHNATS Chapter Meeting- H103 for in-person or via Zoom (link TBA)
  • 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – Online Masterclass with Jeanie LoVetri via Zoom (link TBA)
  • 2:00 pm – Announcement of winners and award presentation via Zoom (link TBA)

LSC-Montgomery Coronavirus Protocols

Joint Statement on SARS-CoV-2 Vaccinations and Best Health Practices as stated on NATS.org

2021 Musical Theatre Online Auditions

Before you register, please consult the registration guide: Accessing the NATS Auditions Registration System

  • Registration Deadline for the Fall 2021 Musical Theatre auditions is: Friday, October 29th at 6:00 pm
  • Registration is completed through NATS.
  • Registration fees will be paid online at the time of registration through the nats.org website.
  • Every teacher must indicate on the website that he/she has read and is in compliance with the NATS Policy on Copyright Law.

Greater Houston Student Auditions Information

  1. National and Local Chapter dues must be paid in full on the NATS website before you can register your students.
  2. All teachers who register students are required to adjudicate for the Student Auditions.

Remember that if you enter students in the auditions, you must be available for judging assignments. If you fail to complete your judging assignments for the auditions, your students will be ineligible for competition.

  1. Fee Schedule
    1. Student Audition Fee $22/student
    2. Teacher Registration Fee $20
  2. Registration will be completed through the NATS website.
    1. See Registration Instructions in the next section.
    2. Auditions registration will be processed through the national website when you register your students.
  3. Accompanists must play from the original score, from sheet music that has been purchased and downloaded, or from an approved public domain website. Accompanists may play from an iPad.
    1. It is the individual teacher’s responsibility to make certain his/her/their students are in full compliance with the copyright laws of the United States.
    2. See the “NATS Policy on Copyright Laws” for more information.
    3. The chapter highly encourages students to utilize accompaniment recordings from live pianists for the preliminary online round. Students may use the pre-recorded tracks found on Appcompanist, Hal Leonard’s Virtual Library, or other similar sources that offer piano-only accompaniments. YouTube Karaoke Tracks are also acceptable, as long as they are piano only. NO orchestrated tracks or tracks with other instruments or voices will be acceptable and would result in disqualification. More information is found under the ‘Accompanists and Copyright’ section. Please note that this will not be an accepted precedent for future auditions but is rather an isolated exception necessitated by a highly unusual global crisis. Because of this, videos will not be required to show the pianist. All other guidelines outlined in the video submission guidelines at NSA YouTube Round Video Submissions will apply and must be followed.
    4. For the 2021 GHNATS Musical Theatre final round, finalists will perform live with piano. Two staff accompanists will be available to play for the finalists free of charge. Finalists will be assigned a specific time for run through prior to their performance.

      This information will be provided to finalists via email ahead of Finals on Saturday, November 13th.
  4. Teachers must complete the registration process for the Greater Houston Student Auditions. Students are not permitted to register themselves.

Registration Instructions For The Greater Houston Student Auditions

  1. Confirm that you have paid your National dues through www.NATS.org
  2. Gather your students’ information. You will need to know:
    1. Student’s full name
    2. Student’s age (as of October 1, 2021)
    3. Student’s birthday (including year)
    4. Student’s phone and email address
    5. Number of semesters of voice study
    6. Audition Category (PLEASE NOTE: THESE HAVE BEEN UPDATED FOR 2021)
    7. Accompanist Name (if possible)
    8. Name of previous teacher (if the student has studied with you for less than 8 months)
  3. Review the Repertoire Requirements and gather your students’ audition repertoire information. For each piece, you must enter:
    1. Title (include name of larger work if from one)
    2. Composer
    3. Language
    4. Song Type (Art Song, Aria, Spiritual, etc.)

Please refer to the NATS Student Audition Regulations for information about categories, age, repertoire, time requirements and much more.

Accessing The NATS Audition Registration System

The NATS Auditions Registration system is designed in partnership with Auditionware and its creator Brad Mills. It is designed to facilitate the entire auditions process from registration and payment to scheduling, assigning judges, reporting scores, and advancing eligible singers to the national rounds of the NATS National Student Auditions.

Below is an instruction sheet on how to access the system. Once you get into the actual registration part of the system there are a series of questions asked in order to help you register all of your students, register yourself, and pay for your registrations. With this system, payment is by credit or debit card only. The elimination of payment by check is important for timely registration and scheduling of all auditions and confirmation that payments have been completed in this manner simplifies this for all auditions chairs.

Step 1

Go to www.nats.org and log in. Your username is the email address you have on file with NATS. Your password is unique to you. If you do not remember it simply click on forgot login/password and you can reset your password.


If you have used Auditionware before and want to have access to your registration info from past years, you MUST have the same email address you used for Auditionware last year as your username at www.nats.org. You can change this yourself by logging in to www.nats.org with your current username, on the member home screen click on MY PROFILE on the right menu, then click the box titled UPDATE PROFILE. Change your email address in the appropriate field. Scroll down and click on submit. This will make sure your data form last year will be accessible. NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours for your new username to sync with the Auditionware system.

Step 2

Once you log in to nats.org, the website should take you to your member home page. IF not, then click on your email address on the top right side of the screen. On this page, scroll down and you will find a GREEN button titled “NATS AUDITION REGISTRATION”. Click on the green button.

Step 3

You will be transported to the Auditionware system for registration. Signing into www.nats.org authenticates that you are an active member and eligible to register students based on the chapter membership(s) you have and region where you reside. If you are not transported to a screen to start your registration, then there may be several reasons.

Troubleshooting for Step 3: Contact your auditions coordinator first. They have access to check your permissions in the system should there be an issue and can direct you to others as needed. They also are in regular contact with Auditionware.

If there is an issue that requires you to reinstate membership or pay dues, then your access should be updated within 24 hours. The systems sync every night.

If you recently moved and have not updated your profile, you could be assigned to the wrong region so make sure you update your profile before registration.

Step 4

Successful transfer to the Auditionware site takes you to a landing page where you can begin registration. Normally only one of your auditions will be activated at any time. Only those auditions with active audition periods will be accessible.


Make sure you have the complete info for each student listed on page 3 of this document. Depending on your chapter/region regulations you may also be required to enter all repertoire for each student during registration.

After entering info for a student, review the data for accuracy and check the box at the bottom to confirm accuracy and click SAVE.

At this point, you may ADD ANOTHER CATEGORY for your student (if your audition allows multiple entries by one student). If not, you may ADD ANOTHER STUDENT and repeat the process until all students are entered. When finished entering all students click on the “GREEN” COMPLETE REGISTRATION button.

Depending on other activities at your audition, there will be various other options for you to choose (meals, ticketed events, judging preferences, attendance options, teacher registration fees, etc.) Follow the menu to register for these events. Once complete review your summary of fees and then click the GO TO PAYMENT PAGE button.

Step 5

You are now transported back to www.nats.org for completion of payment. A detailed list of your registration costs should appear and you can follow the steps to enter your credit card/debit card for payment. IMPORTANT: DO NOT EXIT THE PAYMENT SYSTEM UNTIL YOU SEE THE SCREEN THAT SHOWS YOUR RECEIPT. If you leave prior to that and go to another page then you may disrupt the completion of the payment.

Step 6

Once your payment is complete you will receive a confirmation email that your payment was received. In addition, a detailed receipt of your payment will always be located in your profile at www.nats.org. To find your history of all payments log in to nats.org, go to MEMBER HOME (you can also get to MEMBER HOME by clicking your email address on the top right side of the screen), click on MY PROFILE and then click on the box ACCOUNT STATEMENT and all your receipts for payments to NATS will be available for your reference.

Questions? For questions regarding online registration, please contact:

Karen Rees, Vice President of Musical Theatre Auditions rees.ghnats@gmail.com

Michael Walsh, President of the Greater Houston Chapter of NATS walshghnats@gmail.com

Spelling Of Schools

It is very important that when you register online you use the spellings and capitalizations for your schools found on the Texoma NATS Registration page. The computer program will be able to sort out which teachers are from which school and prevent teachers judging their own students only if we use consistent spelling and capitalization. Be especially careful of any periods, dashes and apostrophes (or lack thereof). Please adjust your university/college name in accordance with the spellings (very important if you have used the program before with another chapter/region). All students will need to have these exact spellings as well.

Independent Teachers

If you have an independent studio, please list your Teaching Location/Studio Name as “Your Full Name Private Studio” – e.g. John Doe Private Studio.

SPECIAL NOTE: Online video auditions are being held in lieu of in-person auditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is unchartered territory, but we will do our very best to ensure a worthwhile experience. The Audition Coordinators will do their best to combine like categories when necessary due to enrollment. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this migration to a new format. Thank you!

Video Recording and YouTube Instructions

Please refer to the YouTube Round Video Submissions link below for recording and uploading YouTube video links.


For this year only, there will be no limit to how many students a pianist may play for, since the preliminary auditions will be held online.

Additionally, in this extreme circumstance, should student and teacher be in the same location, a teacher may accompany a singer in the recording, but the teacher should not be visible in the recording directly or on any reflected surface (mirror, piano surface, etc.). Please note that this will not be an accepted precedent for future auditions but is rather an isolated exception necessitated by a highly unusual global crisis. Because of this, videos will not be required to show the pianist. All other guidelines outlined in the video submission guidelines will apply and must be followed.

Copyright Policy

As a result of recent court rulings, the primary responsibility for following copyright law is being transferred from NATS to teachers, singers, and pianists. With our new copyright policy and teacher/student/pianist copyright acknowledgements, it is NO LONGER NECESSARY for administrators to check for original scores at NATS events. Furthermore, the use of iPads and tablets as musical scores for collaborative pianists during all levels of NATS auditions has been approved, and they are held to the same standards of copyright as any other musical score used for auditions.

NATS still encourages its members, their students, accompanists and the general population to become educated about, and to comply with, all applicable copyright laws. Reproduction of a copyrighted work constitutes copyright infringement unless a license to reproduce such work has been obtained, the use is considered fair use, the work is in the public domain, or a valid exception to copyright infringement exists.

NATS requires students, teachers and other participants in NATS affiliated events, auditions and competitions to affirm compliance with the NATS Copyright Policy, and to use only authorized reproductions of copyrighted works. NATS members, singers, and pianists will need to affirm that they will only use legal copies of music during NATS events as part of the registration process. Entrants will not be able to compete until they and their pianist complete this copyright acknowledgment.

Teachers, pianists, and students will now verify their music abides by copyright laws when they register. NATS members, singers, and pianists will need to affirm that they will only use legal copies of music during NATS events as part of the registration process. Entrants will not be able to compete until they complete this copyright acknowledgment. As you register, please review the updated NATS copyright laws to which we must adhere. For additional information please refer to the NATS Copyright Resource Center at Copyright Resources.

Judging and Awards

Online Preliminary Round

During the preliminary round ONLY, the judges will write constructive comments on their scoring sheets. These sheets will be returned to the singers prior to the start of the final round in order that the singers may benefit from the written comments. All singers participating in the auditions are to be rated according to the following levels during the preliminary round:

Audition time limits: Each category has a different time limit. The time limit includes all aspects of the audition, not just the actual singing time.

Live Final Round

  1. Each student will perform one song. The Finals song will be selected at the time of initial registration and must be one of the songs performed in the preliminary round entry. The student may choose to bring their own preferred pianist or select a staff pianist provided by GHNATS. All pianists must sign the copyright agreement before accompanying a singer. Since the Finals will be livestreamed, media release consent forms must be submitted by all finalists on or before Finals.
  2. The judges will not confer. Each judge ranks the finalists from 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest). Results are returned to the Auditions Office and tabulated.
  3. TIES: Should there be more than one first place winner, the awards for the first and second places will be pooled and divided equally among the winners. All will be called First Place 90-100 Mastering, 80-89 Advancing, 70-79 Developing Winners. This policy holds for ties in all the places. In the event that there are more than five finalists, a certificate of “Honorable Mention” will be awarded to the other finalists.