August 2018 Minutes

August 5, 2018

Greater Houston NATS Board Meeting

4:00pm Cafe Express on West Gray

Motion to begin meeting. ALL in agreement.

Introductions of all members present:

Angela Pickering, President

Frances Fenton, Membership Liaison

Michael Walsh, Vice-President of Classical Auditions

Deborah Popham, Vice-President of Workshops

David Kirkwood, Treasurer

Absent- Elisa Thompson, Past President

Donna Hinds Sawyers, Vice-President of Musical Theatre Auditions

Jammieca Mott, Secretary


Discussed dates of Auditions:

MT Auditions will be held Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018 at Lone Star College-Montgomery CONFIRMED

Classical Auditions are tentatively scheduled for March 23, 2019, at the University of Houston. We are awaiting confirmation from UH, but they are in the process of creating a quote to reserve the rooms for the day. If the quote is over $500 we agreed to seek another location.

Texoma NATS will be at Baylor University on Nov. 7-10, 2018. Debi and David will attend. David is presenting a lecture recital on Schumann’s ‘Dichterliebe’. Angela is hopeful to make it, but is trying to arrange it with her current work schedule. 

Winner’s Recital is tentatively scheduled for May 5, 2019 at HBU or HCC-Spring Branch. Frances and David will check for space availability as they work at both locations. Recital start time would be 4pm.

Officers reports:

VP of MT (Donna- absent)

Lone Star College-Montgomery will provide microphone and speaker for CCM categories this year. This will save GHNATS money needed to purchase a mic and speaker for our chapter. 

VP of Classical (Michael)

NATS now handles all registration fees for local contests.  We discussed $40 award for winner’s certificates and debated cash vs. Amazon gift cards. Most favored a cash or check award. We agreed to raise teacher registration fee to $20 (from $16) to offset expenses. St. Luke’s for Classical if U of H is out of our price range? Guest judges are paid $250 each for their adjudication work. Has NATS sent the reimbursement of $450 from last Spring’s Classical Auditions guest lecture workshop? We agreed to raise student registration fee to $22 (from $20) to offset the $2 fee NATS National charges for using their registration software. We agreed to spend no more than $500 for reservation of a building. Keep $40 cash award for winners in any category. NATS Nationals rule: make sure you are not judging your student or a recent former student. Announce Finalists at the end of the guest workshop to promote attendance.

Treasurer’s notes (Angela)

Angela gave David the form for tax exempt status; Discover Web Solutions (Rosendo Reyna, our webmaster) invoices and payments; PayPal sign in info. Do we still need PayPal? Yes, since it is free and requires no maintenance. Amegy sign-in for bank account. Angela discussed exchange of information for bank accounts to give to David. Bank will need minutes from the Spring Auditions when the new officers were voted upon. Jammieca will need to provide them to Angela. Process for dues goes through NATS National, however, we no longer have a PO Box address. Do we need to change the address on our checks? We also need to verify our address with NATS national.  We also need to change the officers’ names on the GHNATS website.

VP Workshops (Debi)

Book a clinician workshop that involve everyone – avoid master classes so students don’t have an advantage if they are also in finals.  Business meeting in the morning 8-9am and workshop. 8am Judges meeting; 8:30am GHNATS business meeting. This will ensure more members are present and are also able to attend the workshop after lunch. MT workshop suggestions? Donna will be needed for suggestions. Possibility of Master Class outside of audition dates? Is it in the budget? When would be best? Lorraine Sims as a speaker? Inquire about matching grant with National to meet cost of guest lecturer. 

Membership liaison (Frances)

National sent list of registered members that have moved to the GHNATS area. Forward emails from website. Reach out to inactive members.

Chapter newsletter: All board member’s need to email their updates for the newsletter due by August 26 to Angela, the Chapter President. Include a headshot and letter of notice. 

We need to keep the website updated. During auditions we need to create a notice that photos may be taken for college and adult category. Facebook page? 

Ad Hoc Needs- 

Mikhail Smigelski (new member) as Winners’ Chair recital?

Jennifer Donnan as Hospitality Chair? 

On (8/5) Michael emailed both to inquire if they are available and interested for these positions.

Add Board members to the Houston Area Professional Singers on Facebook page. Use this page to promote our events and recruit new members.

Updates from NATS National convention: Frances Fenton went in place of Angela. National recommends us to keep our website fresh. Promote SNATS chapters at colleges? Follow the code of ethics and copyrights; confidentiality. 

Frances suggested we reach out to inactive members; they take a survey to inquire about what they most want to see improve to get them to participate.

Debi recommended we highlight member accomplishments on the website for the end of October. 

Angela agreed to send a Houston Chamber Choir promotion email for their auditions to GHNATS members.

Motion to adjourn by Michael. Seconded by Debi and ALL.

Adjourned meeting at 6pm.