August 2019 Minutes


AUGUST 17, 2019

Cafe Express 10:12am

Review of Spring Minutes

Need minutes from Jammieca to update website. 

Motion made and second made by Frances and Elisa. 

Pres. Angela Pickering

Ad hoc needs. Hospitality chair and winners recital positions need to be solidified. Look ahead at re election issues. 

Update website with current officers. 

Website promotion requests. We need a written statement to define our policy on member requests. What is our policy for promoting college notices? 

Add Member calendar of events. Use Facebook GHNATS page for self promotion or college audition/recruiting. There are currently 2 GHNATS Facebook pages. We need to consolidate them into one page. 

Need a social media board member. Communications Director. Rosendo could keep the passwords for social media position. Update bylaws. Make all social platforms have the same name. Shannon Langham? Contact her for info.   

Send chapter newsletter to Angela by 8/18. 

Donna- VP  would like a separate workshop other than on the audition date. Check out hosting Jeanie LoVetri in the Spring. We need to promote members to participate. Scale back the breakfast items. Jason’s deli for lunch. We could buy our own. 

Michael- VP  Change fee for lunches to $12 to cover expenses. Angela moves to increase fee to $12. All in favor. 

David Kirkwood, treasurer. $14269 in GHNATS bank. Needs student and teacher count for past few years to see how active we are. Copies need made available to board members of bank statements. Reimbursement process needs transparency. 

Discussed need of a facility to host after 2020. HBU? Perhaps fewer rooms, but centrally located. 

Debi- workshops

Vocal Health with Sharon Radinoff. $500 to guest judge and present. 

Frances- member liaison

She’ll work with David with latest member list. People can go to texoma website and see who isn’t in participating in GHNATS. 

Elisa- nominating committee to fill the board. Contact Debra Greschner with nominating new Board members. Timetable: slate of people needed for board. Approval needed in spring member meeting. 

 12:02 pm meeting adjourned by Frances. All in favor.