July 2021 Minutes

GHNATS Summer Board Meeting Minutes Wednesday, July 28, 6:30 pm Location: Zoom (online) Board members in attendance:
  • Michael Walsh (president)
  • Deborah Popham (VP-classical auditions)
  • Karen Rees (VP-MT auditions)
  • Lee Gregory (Interim VP-workshops)
  • Frances Fenton (Membership Liaison)
  • David Kirkwood (Treasurer)
  • Mikhail Smigelski (Secretary)
Meeting came to order at 6:35 pm.
  1. Board members introduced themselves.
  2. Michael Walsh presented the minutes which were approved by the board.
  3. David Kirkwood reported that the finances are in a good standing (approx. $18,000 in the bank account)
  4. Michael Walsh shared some updates from Texoma regional meeting regarding the Texoma Regional Conference: the options of whether it will be live or online are still being considered, most likely it will be in a hybrid format.
  5. Karen Rees said that she would be happy to consider holding our chapter’s Fall MT Auditions in a hybrid format as well, for example: preliminary round online, and finals in person. Dr. Rees offered two possible dates for MT Auditions: Oct 30 and Nov. 13.
  6. Board agreed that this hybrid format seems like the best option for now, and November 13 would be the best date. The way of how exactly we approach the in-person part of the event would depend on the guidelines of the hosting institution (if the audience is allowed to be present, if people not affiliated with the institution are allowed to be on campus, etc.) Per Dr. Rees’ request board agreed that it would be also helpful to allow a week between finishing adjudication for preliminary round and in-person finals. Live streaming of an in-person part of the event will be also considered.
  7. As always, the finals will be combined with a guest lecture/presentation/master class. Frances Fenton offered an idea to focus this year’s presentation on the topic of performance anxiety, which was supported by the board. Interim VP of workshops Lee Gregory will work on organizing this event.
  8. Deborah Popham reported that she is still in a search of a venue for the Spring Classical Auditions. David Kirkwood said that if Classical Auditions will be held in a hybrid format, and we only need a concert hall and a couple of practice rooms for the event, HBU will be able to host it. Dr. Popham and Dr. Kirkwood will coordinate this, book the venue, and announce the date of Classical Auditions by the end of August.
  9. Winners’ Recital will be held some time in May/June. Frances Fenton will look at the possibility of hosting the event at the HCC.
  10. Next Board meeting is scheduled for November 13, at the location of the Fall MT Auditions. Time TBD.
  11. Michael Walsh talked about the Houston Chapter membership, emphasized the importance of diversity, and encouraged board members to invite more people of different racial and social backgrounds to join the chapter.
  12. Michael Walsh proposed two updates to the Bylaws on the GHNATS website:
    1. Update Article II – Purpose and Code of Ethics (to align it with NATS verbiage)
    2. Update to Article IV- Officers (proposal to remove: VP of College Vocal Music Fair) The Board supported the idea, but the actual voting will be conducted through email by August 2.
  13. Elections will be next Spring at the Classical Auditions; a committee will be created for proposed officers.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm.