June 2017 Minutes

GHNATS Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Monday, June 5, 2017
5:00 p.m.

Meeting location: Café Express
Houston, TX

Board members in attendance:

  • Elisa Thompson (president)
  • Serdar Ilban (VP-workshops)
  • Michael Walsh (VP-classical auditions
  • Frances Fenton (Membership liaison)
  • Donna Hinds Sawyers (VP-MT auditions)
  • Jammieca D. Mott (Secretary)
  • Debra Greschner (Chapter Past President)

Meeting came to order at 5:15 p.m.

  1. Although Angela was absent, she provided the Finance Report. At the Spring Auditions our balances were as follows:
    Paypal- $6533.80
    Angela recently transferred the Paypal balance (still $6533.80) to the Amegy account. Current balance is $17,707.87.
  2. Elisa suggested that Donna and Michael discuss the plans for the Musical Theatre Auditions venue. Donna expressed that she hoped to change the venue to Montgomery College, due to lack of communication. Michael mentioned that the space at Montgomery was similar to the previous venue and would serve the needs of the competition. Michael plans to meet with the lead faculty at Montgomery to discuss dates (November 4th/November 18th). Elisa was concerned about November 18, 2017, due to Thanksgiving Break. Elisa suggested that November 4, 2017 would better serve and accommodate those students involved in university and high school productions.
  3. Michael was able to meet with individuals at UH concerning the Spring Classical Auditions. Michael provided members with several possible dates (3/3/18, 3/24/18, 4/7/18 and 4/14/18). Michael felt that April 4, 2017 would be the best date, since it’s after Spring Break and Easter. Also, that we wanted to avoid conflicts with UH’s Choral Invitational and Opera performance. Elisa agreed that it would also be after UIL activities. Michael suggested that it would be a good idea to determine if there’s a way to tie in UH’s Opera performance and provide students with tickets. Members agreed with the idea.
  4. Michael discussed the NATS Auditionware. We were the test region. Michael will send emails and upgrades to everyone. Michael shared that they are trying to get common repertoire spellings- identification, etc. They hope to have things finalized by August. He thought about employing the Auditionware for the M.T. auditions. Donna agreed. They plan to impose this method on all chapters in the future. Michael mentioned that the software will remember previous information from the spring. We won’t have to verify nor pay Paypal fees. Michael felt like although it is a work in progress, it’s a good advantage.
  5. Serdar spoke about the concerns of Cathy W. and how they were understandable. He expressed how he wished that she’d had an opportunity to talk with Carleen Graham from HGOco. Elisa understood the concern- positive and negative. She’d like to see us build bridges with the community and area teachers. Serdar mentioned that we have an opportunity to bring in two individuals during the Fall/Spring. We need to work with teachers to encourage students to attend. Everyone agreed that would help with attendance. Serdar suggested that the indivual doesn’t have to be a singer, that we might want to consider different options such as, staging, pedagogy, etc. Serdar felt that picking singers for masterclass could be problematic and we could also provide a panel discussion on The Business Aspect. Serdar wants to make certain that the individuals are not concerned with personal promotion. Francis provided suggestions for the panel discussions. She thought that each teacher should submit questions on the behalf of students.
  6. Members discussed the Winner’s Recital. We will have two this year during the academic year. October 8th and October 15th were the preferred dates discussed for the Fall and late April-the 22nd or inclusive of Fall M.T. winners, for the Spring. Debra mentioned doing the April Winner’s recital the day after the Classical Auditions. Elisa suggested we give Michael some time to organize things. Michael would like to keep the auditions at UH due to the website, to avoid re-entering venue info.
  7. Also, the Hospitality Committee felt that everything ran smoothly. Jennifer suggested that we should open up to salads, providing a variety of lunch requests.
  8. Elisa reminded us of report deadlines, contracts for judges and membership registration.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:17 p.m.