March 2017 Minutes

GHNATS Business Meeting Minutes
Saturday, March 25, 2017
12:15 p.m.

Meeting location: University of Houston
Moore’s School of Music

Board members in attendance:

  • Elisa Thompson (president)
  • Serdar Ilban (VP-workshops)
  • Michael Walsh (VP-classical auditions
  • Frances Fenton (Membership liaison)
  • Angela Pickering (Treasurer)
  • Donna Hinds Sawyers (VP-MT auditions)
  • Jammieca D. Mott (Secretary)
  • Debra Greschner (Chapter Past President)

Meeting came to order at 12:15 p.m.

Introduction of Executive Board members

Minutes from last Membership Meeting, October 16, 2016

  1. Angela Pickering presented the financial report.
  2. Michael confirmed that the 2018 Classical Auditions, would be held at UH shortly after Spring Break. The scheduled date would be similar to this year’s. He also discussed the usage of the new registration website. He disclosed that NATS would possibly employ the new site for future reference. Members were in agreeance and wanted to be certain that their information, along with their accompanist’s information would be saved.
  3. Elisa discussed moving the MT auditions to the Fall, either in October or November. Members wanted to make certain that the change would not conflict with TMEA activities and the Academic Calendars of various institutions. Rebecca Pyper suggested moving the auditions to November, instead of October, to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  4. Old Business, including the Winner’s Recital was discussed. Elisa wanted to know the thoughts of the membership, as it pertained to moving the recital date from October to May. Doing so, would accommodate graduating students. She referenced that the Board was in favor of the change. Members voiced concerns for May, due to graduation and Mother’s Day. Angela Pickering made a motion to move the Winner’s Recital to May. Christian Briggs seconded. The motion was passed. Elisa expressed, that as a result of the vote, the chapter would have two Winner’s Recitals during the Academic year- October/May.
  5. Debra Greschner spoke on the behalf of Serdar Ilban. Carleen Graham served as the guest speaker for the Spring workshop. She serves as the new director of HGOCo. Debra mentioned that Serdar’s goal was to “Give HS students and teachers an opportunity to become more familiar with the new vision/direction that HGOCo has gone and undergoing under Carleen Graham.” She also noted that members could direct their questions to Serdar. Debra also added, that now by having two separate auditions, it will be easy to provide different workshops. Elisa suggested that by moving the MT auditions to the Fall, the chapter would be able to bring in a really good speaker during the lunch period. Elisa felt that by doing so, it would ensure a greater attendance. The chapter would have an opportunity for two workshops during the year. Rebecca Pyper asked, “Have you thought about providing masterclasses for the winners?” She felt as though it would be a great way to bring in master teachers and give the students more experience. Elisa agreed and voiced that that is something we could look into.
  6. Elisa asked if we should vote on or discuss if the second-place winner should perform if the first-place winner is unavailable? Members inquired about a timeline, in an effort to determine who’d perform. Michael said that the decision would be up to the Chair and that a deadline would be set and the teacher must respond by the set date. Debra made a motion to allow the second-place winner to perform for the Winner’s Recital. Rebecca Pyper seconded. Motion passed.
  7. Elisa discussed Texoma NATS, which will be held at Texas A&M University-Commerce

Commerce, TX, November 8-11, 2017. She stressed the importance and the benefits of renewing membership by January 1. Otherwise you’re not on the GHNATS email list. There is a grace period for late fees and not included on the email list. Elisa reminded the membership that dues are paid through Nationals. Lastly, she encouraged the membership to attend the Texoma conference.

  1. Debra Greshner moved to adjourn the meeting. Serdar Ilban seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 12:50 p.m.