March 2021 Minutes

GHNATS Fall Business Meeting Minutes
Saturday, March 27, 1:30 pm
Location: Zoom (online)

Board members in attendance:

  • Michael Walsh (president)
  • Debora Popham (VP-classical auditions)
  • Karen Rees (VP-MT auditions)
  • Sarah Lysiak Ging (VP-workshops)
  • Frances Fenton (Membership liaison)
  • David Kirkwood (Treasurer)

Meeting came to order at 1:35 pm.

  1. New Chapter Members introduced themselves.
  2. Michel Walsh introduced present board members and meeting agenda.
  3. As a membership liaison, Frances Fenton invited everyone to contact her with any questions and concerns.
  4. David Kirkwood reported that we are financially stable, received $870 from Classical Auditions, will end up spending a little more with winners’ price money and guest judges fees. Current balance is $17,966.
  5. Sarah Lysiak Ging announced that she has moved to Florida and will be exiting Houston Chapter of GHANTS. She thanked everyone for a great time together and introduced todays’ workshop presenter Dr. James Rodrigues, from TCU
  6. Karen Rees gave an update about GHNATS chapter students who entered the Texoma Music Theater Competition. 27 entries from 7 teachers; 15 advanced to Semi-finals, 4 to Finals.
  7. Deborah Popham reported that we had 127 students registered for Classical Auditions (considerably up from the previous year), 25 teachers, and 21 pianists. She also introduced guest judges, all outside of the Texas.
  8. Michael Walsh announced a new Facebook group and asked members to promote it.
  9. Mikhail Smigelski will be putting together the Virtual Winner’s Recital. The pre-recorded videos will be due to Mikhail Smigelski by May 17, 2021, and the recital will be published on May 23.
  10. Michael Walsh announced that the chapter website was completely revamped, “Find a Teacher” page will redirect you to the main NATS website. Login and Password to the chapter website is no longer required. He asked members to invite their colleagues and peers to join GHNATS in order to expand the diversity of the chapter.

Michael Walsh encouraged everyone to keep looking for spaces for future live auditions, especially if they are centrally located.

Workshops outside of Auditions is still a possibility, members are encouraged to share their ideas. If members have any ideas how to further promote the chapter activities or feel that we need to add something to the chapter’s Mission Statement, they are welcome to contact Michael Walsh or board members.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.