Minutes – April 14, 2012

Greater Houston Chapter of NATS www.ghnats.org, Spring Business Meeting, Saturday, April 14, 2012, 12:00 p.m., University of Houston

President Jason Lester called the meeting to order at 12:02. Lester acknowledged new members in attendance, as well as the outside judges (Ken Bryson, Kelli Estes, Scott LaGraff, Marc Reynolds, Deborah Williamson, and Martha Herr. Herr is also today’s lecture-recitalist.) Lester underlined that the judges are diverse and from outside the area.

Lester announced the results of the survey, which were presented at the fall business meeting, will be available on the Chapter website. He also announced that Frankie Hickman, a Chapter member, is co-presenting at the National Conference in Orlando. The first place winners of the Classical Auditions today will receive $20 gift cards; these were purchased with a discount at Dowling Music. The 2014 Texoma Conference will be held in Kingwood. (It is scheduled for 2012 in North Texas, and 2013 in Baylor.) Greschner announced that the National Regional Workshop is scheduled for San Antonio in January 2013. The fees for auditions were raised this year; consequently, the income has increased by $1500.

Secretary Debra Greschner presented the minutes from the last Business Meeting held October 15, 2011. Melissa Givens made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Isabelle Ganz seconded. Motion carried. Greschner reminded members to renew their memberships on line. Melissa Givens, Treasurer, presented the financial report. Debra Greschner, Vice-President of Workshops, introduced Martha Herr, who will present a lecture recital on Brazilian vocal music, and Michael Zuraw, collaborative pianist and director of Aperio. Greschner announced that their performance is partly funded by Discretionary Funds approved by the National Office of NATS. Vice-President of Classical Auditions Angela Pickering reported that the date for next year’s event is being investigated, but has not been finalized. Vice-President of Music Theatre Auditions, Beverly Laubach, announced that there is discussion about combining the two events next year. The Board will discuss the matter at an upcoming meeting. Paul Bussellberg, Vice-President of the College Music Vocal Fair reported that ten schools attended the event that was held on October 15, 2011 at Houston Baptist University. Shannon Langman, Membership Liaison and Social Media Chair, announced that the Chapter has a Facebook page. She also urged members to send phots and updated bios for inclusion in the website. The website has been updated; the recently revised bylaws are posted, as is an archive of the Audition Winners for the past four years.

Jason Lester announced those interested in serving on the ad hoc committees of hospitality and nominating committees should contact him.

Past President Marion Russell Dickson announced that Robin Cobb served as the Nominating Chair for the Chapter’s incoming slate of Officers. Other members of the nominating committee are Robert Colette, Judy Boyter, Serdar Ilban, Todd Miller and Frances Fenton. The slate of officers presented:

  • President: Jason Lester
  • Secretary: Frankie Hickman
  • Treasurer: Melissa Givens
  • Vice-President of Workshops: Debra Greschner
  • Vice-President of Classical Auditions: Angela
  • Pickering Vice-President of Music Theatre Auditions: Beverly Laubach
  • Vice-President of College Vocal Music Fair: Paul Bussellberg/Amanda Waites
  • Membership Liaison: Shannon Langman

Isabelle Ganz made a motion to accept the slate of officers. Christy Clompson seconded. Motion passed.

Marion Russell Dickson moved to adjourn the meeting. Rebecca Pyper seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 12:59 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Debra Greschner
Secretary, Greater Houston NATS