Minutes – October 16, 2010

Greater Houston Chapter of National Association of Teachers of Singing www.ghnats.org, Fall Business Meeting,Saturday, October 16, 2010, San Jacinto College, 11:30 a.m.

President Jason Lester called the meeting to order at 12:15 and welcomed those in attendance. Members in attendance: Jason Lester, Melissa Givens, Jody Haas, Charles Stanton, Kerry Jennings, Debra Greschner, Angela Pickering, Frances Fenton, Marion Russell Dickson, Isabelle Ganz, Paul Busselberg, and Laurie Lester.

The officers were introduced: Jason Lester, President; Angela Pickering, Vice-President of Classical Auditions; Kerry Jennings and Paul Busselberg, Vice-President, College Vocal Music Fair; Charles Stanton, Vice-President of Workshops and Newsletter Chair; Debra Greschner, Secretary; Melissa Givens, Treasurer; Jody Haas, Membership Liaison; Marion Russell Dickson, Past President ex-officio; Debbie Siebert, Winners’ Recital Chair; Frankie Hickman, Hospitality Chair. Deanna Peden, who had held the position of Vice-President of Music Theater Auditions, has moved out of the area, so the position is currently vacant. The President has invited a member to serve in that position, and will announce when the position is filled. Paul Busselberg has offered San Jacinto Community College as a site for the competition. Jody Haas has offered to help as chair. Marion Russell Dickson explained the Outside Judge Selection Chair can be split into two positions: one for Classical, and one for Music Theater.

Secretary Debra Greschner read the minutes from the Spring Business Meeting held April 10, 2010. One correction was noted: the bank fee currently paid by the Chapter is $12.00, not $14.00 as stated. Pickering moved to accept the minutes; Ganz seconded the motion. Motion passed.

President Lester presented the Chapter Report that was sent to the National Office. It listed the events hosted by the Chapter, the current membership (55), officers (as listed earlier in the minutes) and current balance (see below in Treasurer’s Report).

Angela Pickering, Vice-President of Classical Auditions, reported that the competition is scheduled for Saturday, April 9 at the University of Houston. Registration will be conducted through the website, with a deadline of March 5. Teachers will receive a reminder that it is mandatory that pianists play from original scores. No copies are allowed.

The date for the Music Theater Auditions has not been determined.

The College Vocal Fair will be held immediately after the business meeting. Vice Presidents Busselberg and Jennings reported that eight institutions of higher learning are in attendance.

Vice-President of Workshops Charles Stanton reported that one of the possibilities for a workshop is one devoted to specific voice types (ie. soprano, tenor). He is also exploring clinicians for master classes. Debra Greschner suggested applying to the National Office for discretionary funds to be used for workshops (these funds must be matched by the Chapter).

Secretary Debra Greschner offered a reminder that membership renewals and Chapter dues payment are completed through the website www.ghnats.org.

Treasurer Melissa Givens delivered the Treasurer’s Report. The current balance is $2,262.39. The Chapter now has a mailbox, which will be the home address for the Chapter. The fee for the mailbox is $40 per year.

In New Business, President Lester opened the discussion regarding the fees for the Student Auditions. After discussion, he made a motion to raise the fee to $15. Greschner seconded. Motion carried.

Jody Haas, Membership Liaison, raised the question of whether members who paid their membership in spring have to renew in the fall. Since the renewal deadline is October, the members are responsible to renew in the fall. Secretary Greschner will send email reminders.

President Lester reminded members to forward to him new and updated information for the website.

The Chapter is providing the pianist for the Winner’s Recital.

Jason Lester made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Frances Fenton seconded. Motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Debra Greschner
Secretary, Greater Houston Chapter
National Association of Teachers of Singing