October 2014 Minutes

GHNATS Business Meeting
St. Paul’s United Methodist Church
Fondren Lounge

October 11, 2014

President Greschner called the meeting to order at 12:05PM. New board members were introduced and the minutes were reviewed. Angela Pickering moved we accept the minutes from the April business meeting, Katherine Randolph seconded, all were in favor, the motion passed.

Treasurer Pickering reported that our chapter has a total of $7715 in the bank. $2251 in the Amegy Bank and $5464 in the PayPal account. Secretary Hickman made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, Serdar Ilban seconded, all were in favor, the motion passed.

Robin Smith announced that she invited 33 colleges to this year’s College Vocal Music Fair, and 150 to 200 flyers were sent to local high schools. She wants to create a connection between the CVMF coordinator and all local regional GH NATS teachers to help promote the event to all the high schools during the TMEA all region competitions.

March 28 is the confirmed date for the combined classical and musical theater auditions at the University of Houston in 2015. The 2016 date is tentatively set for April 2 at Kingwood or University of Houston. The confirmed date will be announced by the spring meeting.

GH NATS board is investigating some new scheduling software to help with the audition process, first adopted by TEXOMA and encourage local chapters to either purchase a license or pay to have the TEXOMA chapter process our entrants for $1 per entrance. Entry fee would not change for students. The combined auditions will open in late January and the business meeting would remain in the morning to accommodate the revolving schedule and make the most out of the time in the middle of the day. Pickering announced that lots of changes to registration options. There is a save and exit feature, no address or phone number for students are required, to name a few. Audition results will post in two places and online again this year, but due to complaints that the teacher was named in the online posts, the board decided to remove that option from the online result schedule.

Serdar Ilban, VP Workshops announced that the GH NATS board will invite Dr. Loraine Sims as a presenter for March auditions. Look toward Lori Laitman as a possible presenter for next year and a master class throughout the year.

President Greschner said that TEXOMA expects a $75 fee and a 2 hour volunteer line up to help with the hospitality room in Kingwood. Past President Lester mentioned that a link to the TEXOMA event be put on our website’s image slider.

Yearly membership registration opened Oct. 3, 2014. Due to the transitional nature of this year’s combined national and local chapter fees, there will be no late fee. The official deadline is February and members are encouraged to make that deadline to help the chapter cover the combined audition fees.

New bylaws will be posted soon regarding email distribution, website and Facebook posts.

Frances Fenton called to adjourn the meeting at 12:52 PM. Judy Boyter seconded. All were in favor. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Frankie Hickman

GH NATS Secretary