September 2020 Minutes

GHNATS Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday, September 3, 2020
7 p.m.

Meeting location: Zoom (online)

Board members in attendance:

  • Michael Walsh (president)
  • Debora Popham (VP-classical auditions)
  • Karen Rees (VP-MT auditions)
  • Frances Fenton (Membership liaison)
  • Sarah Lysiak Ging (VP-workshops)
  • David Kirkwood (Treasurer)
  • Mikhail Smigelski (Secretary)
  • Angela Pickering (Chapter Past President)

Meeting came to order at 7:05 pm

  • Board members introduced themselves, briefly talked about their career and what being a GHNATS Board member means to them.
  • David Kirkwood, treasurer, presented a financial report.
  • Board members discussed the current state of GHNATS social media coverage. Everyone came to an agreement that it is necessary to increase the GHNATS social media presence. Since the old Facebook page is currently not accessible, the attempt will be made to contact the previous administrator (Shannon Langman) in order to obtain the credentials. If it does not solve the issue, Michael Walsh will contact Facebook in order to take down the old page and establish a new one. Board agreed on the importance of assigning multiple administrators and editors for the social media accounts and securing the login credentials to avoid this situation in the future. Every post on GHNATS social media pages must be approved by appointed administrators.
  • Karen Rees and Debora Popham shared their vision and tentative dates for Fall 2020 Music Theater and Spring 2021 Classical Auditions accordingly. Both auditions will be held in online format.

Board discussed specific questions that need to be addressed for the online auditions: time frame for video submissions, time frame for adjudication, quest judges’ appointments, etc.

Sarah Lysiak Ging shared her ideas about the format of possible masterclasses, workshops, and presentations. Board agreed that it is a good idea to present those workshops in connection to Winner’s Announcement in order to increase participation and provide a familiar “NATS Day” vibe for teachers and students. Members also discussed options and guidelines for compensation for guest judges and clinicians. Frances Fenton shared an idea of an additional workshop/event in the Mid-winter. The deadline for finalizing all the Music Theater and Classical audition dates has been set on September 14. Michael Walsh will share VP Dropbox folder with Karen Rees and Deborah Popham.

  • The deadline for the Fall Newsletter is set to September 14. All the information about upcoming auditions and events needs to be submitted to Michael Walsh by that date.
  • Michael Walsh addressed the outdated GHNATS website. Login and Password inquiry will be eliminated. Officers, guest judges and members pages must be updated. Minutes of meetings must be available on the website again. Board members were asked to submit their preferred email addresses. Faulty and not useful links like Member’s Events, Find a Teacher will be deleted. Board agreed that it would be useful to provide Social Media links on the website.
  • Michael Walsh encouraged board members to promote diversity and inclusion in GHNATS chapter by recruiting and inviting members of underrepresented racial, cultural, and social backgrounds.
  • Although GHNATS chapter plans to hold Fall 2020 Music Theater and Spring 2021 Classical Auditions in the online format, Board members agreed that it is important to keep searching for affordable and comfortable locations for future live auditions and events.
  • Next Board meeting – TBA, tentatively planned for Sunday before chapter/adjudication meeting at Fall 2020 Music Theater Auditions.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:17 pm